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Dual rail crowbar

Project description

A Crowbar is a circuit that places a short circuit across a power supply in the event that a fault occurs that results in the power supply providing a higher voltage than the circuit can handle. The crowbar tripping will usually result in the power supply going into current limit mode or (in the event it is completely cactus) blowing supply fuses.

This board is for two independent crowbars, one set up for a positive supply rail, the other for a negative supply rail, this makes it ideal for protecting audio equipment such as mixing consoles. The positive crowbar uses part references from 1 to 10 (i.e. R1 to R5) while the same parts in the negative crowbar have 10 added (i.e. R11 to R15).

The entire circuit fits on a single circuit board measuring 60 by 65mm. Making this compact enough to fit into most equipment.

Unfortunately the cost of Electronic components and shipping from Australia is not cheap, so I am selling these as short form kits (PCB, Instructions and any programmed parts) rather than complete kits.
At the moment I am selling these through Ebay which for this project includes:
PCB and
Assembly Instructions
Email if you require any more info....
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