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Tutorials and notes

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Please note that any sections marked with a Tilde (~) in these notes indicates sections still being worked on and may be incomplete.
Description Status Updated -- PDF ODT
How a Computer works
- Digital Electronics and micro-processors
woefully incomplete  19/03/2012 yes Master
How to smash a sound system (formerly how to kill a PA) in progress  22/05/2013 yes Master
Mixing part 2 - Now being extended to include part 1.... in progress  22/05/2013 yes Master
Soundcheck with Mackie SR32/24-4 complete  10/12/2010 -- yes Master
Soundcheck with Mackie CFX12, CFX16, CFX20 complete  10/12/2010 -- yes Master
Soundcheck with Yamaha MG166, MG206 complete  10/12/2010 -- yes Master
soundcheck with Yamaha EMX5016 complete  21/02/2012 Yes Master
Soundcheck with Allen & Heath ZED 4-bus complete  10/12/2010 -- yes Master
The theory of acoustic space mostly complete  14/10/2013 yes Master
Talking to your UPS (Sola/Best power) mostly complete  16/04/2012 yes Master
Using the Behringer MDX2600 Composer as a de-esser complete  14/10/2013 yes Master

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